London Discussion: South Asia Geopolitics from Afpak to Sri Lanka


Friday, March 13, 2015 from 6:45 PM to 9:45 Canary Wharf, east London. Attendees will be sent exact location.

London Discussion: South Asia Geopolitics from Afpak to Sri Lanka

From the US withdrawn from Afghanistan to this year’s general election in Sri Lanka, South Asia’s geopolitics are in play in a way not seen in decades. In an evening discussion in London, PS21 will be taking a long look at a region where the great powers of China and India, Russia and the West have played off each other for centuries. Where do we go now? Who is really taking the lead? And what risks might that bring with it?

This event will be followed by a curry buffet and drinks for those who wish to attend. Likely food cost £15

chair: Peter Apps, executive director, PS21

Amjad Saleem: humanitarian and geopolitics consultant, now based in Colombo. Global fellow at PS21

Omar Hamid, former Pakistani government official and head of Asia-Pacific risk at IHS

Rahul Roy Chaudhury: senior fellow for South Asia, International Institute for Strategic Studies

Sign up for the event here.

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