DC Event: The UK Election – Does it Really Matter?

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Date: Wednesday April 29, 2015. 6.30pm

Location: Thomson Reuters, 1333 H Street Northwest, Washington DC

On May 7, Britain will go to the polls in perhaps its most closely contested election in recent memory. In play – at least theoretically – is its future in the European Union, its economic strategy and maybe even the future of its nuclear deterrent. But to the rest of the world, and the United States in particular, will it really make a difference whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband is Prime Minister. Or even if there is a messy hung parliament with coalition negotiations going on for weeks.

PS21 has an excellent panel to discuss these issues. Please sign up early as places are limited.

Sign up here.

Moderator: Sir Michael Leigh, Former Director for Enlargement, European Union, previously Deputy Director External Relations, former senior advisor to German Marshall Fund. Member of the PS21 International Advisory Group

Scheherazade Rehman, Professor of International Business/Finance and International Affairs, George Washington University

Peter Foster, US Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Dan Roberts, Washington Bureau Chief, The Guardian

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