DC Event 27 May: The ISIS war- where are we?

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Iraqi soldiers and U.S. Soldiers at Camp Ramadi, Iraq, .
Iraqi soldiers and U.S. Soldiers at Camp Ramadi, Iraq, .

Location: Thompson Reuters Conference Room, 1333 H Street, Washington DC

Time: Wednesday 27 May, 6.30pm

For almost a year, the United States and its allies have been battling the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But where does that war stand now? Has the group passed its peak? How does the battle fit in to the multiple other conflicts and confrontations within the region, not least that between the Sunni Gulf States and Shiite Iran? What does the situation on the ground really look like? And what, if anything, should Washington and the West be doing differently?

PS21 brings together a uniquely qualified and experienced panel to discuss a conflict that could yet define the Middle East for decades to come.

Moderator: (to be confirmed)


Douglas Ollivant: White House National Security Council, Iraq Director, 2008-9, Senior Fellow New America

Rasha Elass: Global Fellow PS21. Former reporter for Reuters, NPR and others for Damascus

Ahmed Ali: Visiting Senior Fellow and Director of the Iraq Security and Humanitarian Monitor at the Education for Peace in Iraq Centre (EPIC)

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