London June 1 Event: Defence of the Realm with Lt-Gen Sir Graeme Lamb


Defence of the realm in the 21st century: what does it mean? A conversation with Lieutenant-General Sir Graeme Lamb

With the UK election out of the way, attention within Whitehall is turning to yet another Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). The Project for Study of the 21st Century is delighted to host a conversation with Lieutenant-General Sir Graeme Lamb, former Director Special Forces and Commander Field Army.

With a dwindling budget and host of new and resurgent threats from Russia to ISIS, where should Britain’s defence priorities lie? Is there any way of moving beyond interservice rivalries? What were the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan and will future conflicts are in any way similar? Do new technologies bring more threats or opportunities? In a world where it is becoming ever harder to keep a secret, what future for intelligence agencies and special forces?

Is it truly possible to do “more with less”, and what might that look like? And perhaps most pressingly of all, if the British people have lost their appetite for foreign intervention, where does that leave the British military?

Moderator: Peter Apps, Reuters global defence correspondent and executive director PS21

Drinks from 6:30 PM, discussion from seven. Attendees will be sent the exact location.

RSVP essential. Sign up here.

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