NYC Event Feb 16 — “Insurgent Candidates”, Sanders and Trump

Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_3Monday, February 15 — “In-surgent Candidates” — Trump and Sanders. What do they mean and can they win?

Within both the Democratic and Republican parties, the 2016 election has seen almost unprecedented challenge to their political establishments and status quo. What do the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – both very different politicians from each other but also to the more conventional figures in their parties – tell us about the state of politics and America? Where does their support come from, and perhaps the most important question, how far can they go?

Peter Apps [Moderator]: PS21 Executive Director

Clifford Young: President, US Ipsos MORI

Chris Kahn: US Political Polling Editor, Thomson Reuters

Robert Shapiro; Professor of Political Science, Columbia University

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