DC Event March 28 — Think Tanks on Think Tanks

Think Tanks — What Do They Really Contribute?

Monday, March 28, 6 PM, Open Gov Hub, 110 Vermont Ave. NW. Washington DC

Washington DC is to think tanks what Detroit once was to the global auto industry. But what do these institutions really bring to the table? Are they best thought of as academic institutions like universities, simple generators for policy or a storage center for those temporarily outside government. How useful are they to policymakers, journalists and others? What kind of people do they attract — and who do they marginalize or do without? Do they operate differently in other countries or even cities? PS21 and a great panel of think tank types will be getting more even more introspective than usual…

Negar Razavi [moderator] — Anthropologist, University of Pennsylvania. PS21 global fellow
Andrew Selee — Executive Vice President, Woodrow Wilson Center
Peter Apps — Global Affairs Columnist, Reuters. Executive Director, PS21
Maria Stephan — Senior Policy Fellow, United States Institute for Peace. Former US State Department official

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