London Event April 12: Political activism in the post-Arab Spring world

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Tuesday, April 12, 5:45 PM. Whithall — exact location to be confirmed to attendees
From Benghazi to Damascus and San’a, the Arab World is, for the most part, on a different trajectory than what many involved in the 2011-2013 uprisings had hoped for. What remains of the movements which emerged to challenge the autocratic establishment? Have they given rise to a “new Arab conscience” and what does the way the West has handled these crises tell us about its perceived role in the MENA region? Finally, how is the role of Islam going to be changed by this legacy? What has happened to the social and traditional media and other forces that helped create the revolts in the first place?
Gwenn Lainé [moderator] – former French Naval officer, now strategic communications consultant, documentary filmmaker and PS21 Global Fellow.
Reem Assil – Reem’s activism ranged from media and citizen journalism, human rights, civil society research, all the way to peace building. She is a founding member of the Syrian Nonviolence Movement, co-founder of the Free Syrian Translators, and currently works with the Syrian Platform for Peace-UK, which she has been chairing for the last year.
Layal Hafid –  Having grown up in Ireland, Layal moved back to Benghazi with her family in 2005. After a first experience with UNICEF she joined the UN Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) in 2011 working with members of militias and reporting on human rights abuses. She also worked as a programme development officer for USAID before moving back to Europe last year.
Baraa Shiban – Baraa is the Yemen project co-ordinator for the human rights organisation Reprieve. A prominent investigator of the United States drones attacks in Yemen, he has testified to a United States congressional hearing on the effects of drones in Yemen.
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