London Event Sep 21 – Migration, Politics and Security in Europe

Wednesday September 21 2016, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Location to be confirmed to attendees.

Grabbing more of the political agenda year-by-year, migration is now perhaps the single hottest political topic in Europe. From Britain’s EU referendum to the rise of hard-line political parties and growing social divisions, what had been seen as an ever increasing drive to open borders looks increasingly under threat. PS21 looks at the drivers bringing people to Europe, the political impact on increasingly polarized electorates and the ever-growing policy questions.

Peter Apps [moderator] – Global Affairs Columnist, Reuters. Executive Director, PS21

Haid Haid – Syrian policy analyst and columnist

Keelin McCarthy – UK immigration, asylum and  human rights barrister, Lamb Building

David Lea – Western Europe political analyst, Control Risks

Julia Ebner – policy analyst specializing in European counterterrorism, Quillam Foundation

Ubah Ahmed – Somali-born Finnish student specializing in Nordic identity politics, Malmo University, Sweden

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