London event – Strategy and Deterrence in Cyber, Space and Beyond – 5 June

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Mon, June 5, 2017, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM BST

Whitehall, London – exact location to be confirmed to attendees

From the suspected Russian attack on Estonia in 2007 to data theft, election hacking and this months “ransomware” assault that hit NHS systems and beyond, escalating cyber confrontation has been a hallmark of the century so far. Now, new technologies in space, electronic warfare and unmanned systems – as well as the rise of information and hybrid warfare – are further complicating the situation. PS21 pulls together an expert panel to discuss the nature of strategy and deterrence in this fast changing field.

Robert J Butler – Former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber, now Adjunct Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Franklin D Kramer – Former US Assistant Secretary of Defense now Distinguished Fellow and Board Member, Atlantic Council

John Bassett – Former senior GCHQ official and member of the PS21 board

Peter Apps [moderator] – Reuters global affairs columnist, PS21 founder and executive director

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