London event, Sept 5 – Imagining War in 2030

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017, six p.m. Whitehall, London [exact location to be confirmed to attendees]

What will conflict look like by 2030? With the arrival of drones, cyber warfare conflict has already undergone some fundamental change in the 21st century. What do recent wars and international competition in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere tell us about what happens next? Who will do the fighting – and what will it be like? With the rise of artificial intelligence and return of nuclear war risk, just how dangerous could it get?

In conjunction with the British Army Intrapreneurs Network (BrAIN)

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb – former Director Special Forces and Commander Field Army

Elisabeth Quintana – Air and Space Power Fellow Royal United Services Institute

Samir Puri – Lecturer in War Studies, Kings College London

Peter Apps (moderator) – Reuters Global Affairs Collumnist. Executive Director, Project for Study of the 21s Century (PS21)

Military and HMG attendees, sign up here

All others [civilians, students, etc.,] sign up here

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