London event Sept 19 – Globalization, Identity and Politics

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Tuesday, September 19, 6 p.m. Juju’s Bar and Stage, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

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From Brexit to the rise of Donald Trump and the far right, politics in the West has rarely felt more unpredictable. The Project for Study of the 21st Century pulls together an expert panel to look behind the headlines into what is driving this anger, what it means and where it might go from here. Will the United States ever have a normal president again? Will everyone just keep getting angrier? How dangerous is the Far Right? And what are the real underlying drivers of this unsettling new era?

Peter Apps [moderator] – Global Affairs Columnist,  Reuters News

John Raines – Head of Political Risk, IHS Markit. Former US Treasury, State Department and World Bank official

Julia Ebner – Research Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue. Author of “The Rage – The Vicious Circle Between Islamist and Far Right Extremism”

Emmanuel Akinwotu – London and Lagos-based journalist writing on British and Nigerian politics and beyond

Abi Wilkinson – Journalist and columnist

The first of  our joint events with Juju’s, an innovative bar and events venue at the Truman Brewery in the heart of London’s Brick Lane.

Image – Far right protesters clash with police at the “unite the right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 2017. Image  Wikimedia Commons

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