May 25 London Event – ‘Transnational Crime and Antiquities Smuggling’

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Friday, May 25. 4pm, Whitehall (exact location TBA to attendees)

Mark V. Vlasic has served as a soldier, a lawyer, a prosecutor, a professor, a producer, and a diplomat, and has worked for the White House, the Pentagon, the World Bank, the United Nations, and a large international law firm. He is currently a senior fellow and adjunct professor of law at Georgetown University and a principal at Madison Law & Strategy Group PLLC, where he heads the firm’s international practice, and provides legal and strategic advice to clients on international affairs, international trade, cross-border transactions and general public policy matters.‎ He also works as an executive producer with Propagate Content in Hollywood.

He will be talking to PS21 Executive Director and Reuters Global Affairs Columnist Peter Apps about his latest projects, which concentrate on international law, transnational crime, militancy and the smuggling of illegal antiquities, and how a new television project might help reduce the market for blood antiquities.

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