London Event 20 November – The Future of UK Grand Strategy

Tuesday, 20 November, 6pm, Bush House, South East Wing, 44-46 Aldwych, London.

A PS21 event in collaboration with Strife Blog at King’s College London

British foreign policy is at a point of inflection. After the recent decision to leave the European Union there is greater and greater consensus that Britain must reassess its role in the world. There is less consensus, however, as to what that role might be. Should Britain act as a facilitator for maintaining the strength of the traditional Western and European alliances? Should Britain seek out other opportunities with non-Western powers like China or India. Or should Britain simply retreat from the global international order altogether. Similar questions should be asked about the nature of these contending foreign policy visions. Will these relationships only go as far as issues of defence and security? Or should these be comprehensive alliances tackling everything from trade to human rights. In short, the UK must reassess its grand strategic priorities. To help this task we have an expert panel which will approach the question of what British priorities should be and how that strategy should unfold from distinct viewpoints.

Peter Apps (Moderator) – Global Affairs Columnist and Executive Director of PS21

Meia Nouwens – (twitter handle: @MeiaNouwens) Research Fellow for Chinese Defence Policy and Military Modernisation, IISS

Georgina Wright – (twitter handle: @georginaEwright): Research Associate, Europe Programme, Chatham House

Peymana Assad – (twitter handle: @Peymasad): Defence and International Development Expert, Plan International UK

Dr. Charlie Laderman – Lecturer in International History, King’s College London

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