The Arab Spring: 10 years on

Tuesday 9th February, 6:30PM BST

2011 saw the citizens of the Arab world mobilise to the streets to demand change from their regimes ruled by autocrats and riddled with corruption. It was a movement that ricochet from country to country throughout the region and gave hope to many that things were about to change.

10 years on, and what happened to the revolutionary movement? What were the implications and what of the sentiment remains?

Join our panel of experts as they reflect back and discuss the impacts of this revolutionary moment and what to expect from the region in future.

Panelists to include:

Ari Ratner (Moderator) – Founder and CEO of Inside Revolution. Former US State Department official

Hayat Alvi – Ph.D. Associate Professor in National Security Affairs, US Naval War College

Ruaridh Arrow – former BBC journalist, Harvard fellow, film-maker and author of ‘Gene Sharp: How to Start a Revolution’

Sulome Anderson – Freelance journalist and author of ‘The Hostage’s Daughter: A Story of Family, Madness, and the Middle East’. Based out of Beirut, Lebanon and New York City.

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