23 November – War in the 2020s – Navigating Modern War – now with podcast recording

Tuesday 23 November 18:30

The Project for Study of the 21st Century and King’s College London War Studies Society are delighted to welcome you to the second of a series of events on “war in the 2020s”, examining the changing face of conflict.
Twenty-first century wars so far have been dusty, lethal and sometime secretive affairs. From the inital Western intervenetion in Afghanistan twenty years ago, to today’s deployments across the Middle East and Africa, relatively small numbers of troops operate sometimes well outside the headlines.
How should Britain and its allies tackle this ever evolving world of conflict, as well as the growing great power rivalry that often sits across and through it? How should they commicate and when?
This event will be recorded as part of a podcast series.

Peter Apps (Moderator): Executive Director, PS21 and Global Affairs Commentator, Reuters

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb: Former Director Special Forces and Commander Field Army

Abigail Watson: Conflict and Security Policy Coordinator, Safer World

Listen to the podcast of the event here

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