January 25 – ‘War in the 2020s’ – Managing Tech and People – now with podcast recording

Tuesday 25th January 6.30 p.m – King’s College London

From cyber warfare to drones, artificial intelligence to hybrid warfare, how well are modern militaries adapting to a fast changing world? How well do decision making processes work, and how will careers need to evolve? What does the experience of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now confrontation with Russia and China tell us what is needed next?

PS21 pulls together practitioners and experts for their latest monthly chat in conjunction with King’s College London War Studies Society .

Panelists include:

Peter Apps (moderator) – Reuters Global Affairs Commentator, Executive Director, PS21.

Louise Jones – Former Intelligence Corps Officer, British Army

Linda Slapakova Senior Analyst, RAND Europe

Charlotte Robertson  British Army Officer

Nelson McMillan – Former RN warfare officer, current reservist and tech consultant

Listen to the podcast of the event here

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