March 8 – Leadership in the 2020s – now with podcast recording

March 8th, 5.30p.m – 8p.m

London Chamber Of Commerce and Industry 33 Queen Street Place, London, England, EC4R 1AP

As part of its ‘World in the 2020s’ series, PS21 and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry look at what it takes to be a leader.

On International Women’s Day, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century will use the latest in their ‘World in the 2020s’ series to examine what good leadership really looks like now. From combating burnout to building diversity and delivering effect, our panel will ask what is new and what is everlasting, sharing experiences from different worlds, and how we can all do better. 

Speakers will include:

Peter Apps (moderator) – global affairs commentator at Reuters news agency, founder of PS21 and a British Army Reservist.

Helen Gazzi – Former tech lawyer and life coach

Annick O’Brien – COO, CybSafe

Jonathan Boseley – TV producer and media executive

Eleanor Umeyor – Research Assistant, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Listen to the podcast of the event

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