May 9 – The Future of Conflict – a one-day conference

10 a.m – 5 p.m – National Liberal Club

The Future of Conflict – a one-day conference brought to you by the Wavell Room, National Liberal Club and the Project for Study of the 21st Century

“The future character of conflict could result in the UK having less discretion than may be assumed… Once engaged, we may not always control the manner in which we fight.” – Defence Concepts and Doctrine Centre Strategic Trends Programme Future Operating Environment 2035, published August 2015

From the streets of Ukraine to the chaos of Kabul airport, the last year has been a savage reminder that 21st-century warfare retains the ability to surprise, shock and confound expectations. Join us to look behind the headlines and ask how changing technology, shifting geopolitics and an evolving relationship between militaries and societies are shaping modern conflict, and what that means for the humans in the middle.

Confirmed speakers include:

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb (retired): Former Commander Field Army and Director Special Forces

Sally Walker: Former Head of Cyber, GCHQ, and lead for National Cyber Force

Nigel Inkster: Former Assistant Chief, Director for Operations and Intelligence, UK Secret Intelligence Service

Louise JonesFormer Intelligence Corps officer

Douglas Ollivant: Former US Army Officer, US National Security Council Director for Iraq under Bush and Obama administrations (joining remotely)

James Athow-Frost: Major, Parachute Regiment. Editor, Wavell Room

Charlotte Robertson: Captain, Royal Signals

Abigail Watson: Conflict and Security Policy Coordinator, Saferworld

Lt Cmdr Nelson McMillan: Royal Navy reservist and consultant specialising in emerging technology

Elizabeth Faure: Director, London office, United Nations World Food Program

Nikolas GvosdevProfessor of National Security Studies, US Naval War College (joining remotely)

Col Rosie Stone

Noel Hadjimichael: Former Royal Australian Navy officer, now strategic consultant and head of the Defence and Security Network, National Liberal Club

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