May 12 – Freedom, Technology and Justice – now with podcast recording

The Project for Study of the Twenty-First Century and London Chamber of Commerce discuss tech firms, big data, law and human rights.

In a world where Elon Musk can buy Twitter, personal data is the new oil and social media the new battlefield, who is looking out for human rights? How have the technological advances of the century so far both empowered and constrained us as individuals, and what will the next decade bring?

As an international lawyer, author and speaker, Susie Alegre has worked on some of the most challenging legal and political issues of our time including human rights and security, combating corruption in the developing world, protecting human rights at borders, the human rights impact of climate change on small island states, privacy, cybersecurity, disinformation, data protection and neurotech. Her experience includes both judicial, and oversight roles in the UK and internationally.

Her book “Freedom to Think: The Long Struggle to Liberate our Minds” came out on 7 April 2022 with Atlantic Books and available to pre-order now via Waterstones, Amazon, Australia: Trade Paperback, and Hardback.

Also featuring:

Peter Apps(moderator) Global affairs commentator, Reuters. Founder and Director, PS21. British Army Reservist

Listen here to the podcast of the event

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