PS21 Announces 10 New Global Fellows

Nancy Okail speaking at a PS21 event on February 26, 2015


PS21 is delighted to announce the following ten new Global Fellows.

“With PS21 now still less than two months old, I’m delighted to be announcing these new fellows,” said Peter Apps, Executive Director of PS21. “Several – including Nancy Okail from the Tahrir Institute and Marina Prentoulis from the Greek ruling party Syriza – have already been involved in panel discussions for us. I’m also particularly pleases to be adding to leading Russian experts as fellows. PS21 is very committed to showcasing a range of viewpoints and remaining non-national, non-partisan and non-ideological. We will be adding other fellows from elsewhere in the world soon.”


Joseph Walker-Cousins. Former advisor to the UK’s Special Envoy & Head of the British Embassy Office in Benghazi. Director, Middle East Business Development KBR UK Ltd.




Alexey Dolinskiy. International relations and public policy scholar and consultant and partner at Capstone Connections





unnamed-2Darya Pilram. Field anthropologist/social scientist with US Military. Current lecturer at University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies, Fort Leavenworth




maria prentoulisMarina Prentoulis. London spokesperson for Greek ruling party, Syriza. Senior Lecturer at University of East Anglia





rob colvileRobert Colvile. News Director at Buzzfeed UK






sandy schumannSandy Schumann. Wiener-Anspach Post-doctoral Research Fellow in social psychology at the University of Oxford





unnamed-7Dr.Vasily Kashin. Senior Researcher, CAST.  Former deputy chief, RIA Novosti, Beijing.






alison wakefieldAlison Wakefield
. Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth and Head of Research Directorate, Security Institute






unnamedNancy Okail. Executive Director, The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy






patrick bury]Patrick Bury. Former Captain in the British Army Royal Irish Regiment. Currently a PhD Candidate at theUniversity of Exeter’s Strategy and Security Institute

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