PS21 at Two (Months)

New_York_Midtown_Skyline_at_night_-_Jan_2006By Peter Apps, PS21 Executive Director

So, here we are – PS21 is now a breath-taking two months old.

Over the last month, we’ve continued to build on the success of our first 30 days. On one front, that has meant doing more of the same – some great events, some smaller discussions, another tranche of global fellows.

We also had very successful networking drinks in DC on March 18.

We’ve also been focusing much more significantly on content, though – a central part of our drive for “content people read, discussions they remember”. And on that front, we’ve had some very significant successes.

Perhaps our single biggest achievement so far has been the publication of our research on conflict trends in 2014. Last week, we published data showing that the twenty bloodiest wars in 2014 were 28.7% deadlier than the top twenty wars the previous year. This research was very pleasingly widely covered by global media, appearing in the New York Times, as well as on Reuters, Newsweek, Time magazine, Al-Arabiya, the LA Times and on Hungarian, Chinese, Brazilian, Norwegian, Turkish, New Zealand, Canadian and other platforms. The Aspen Institute also named it on Monday as one of their top ideas of the day, again published on the website of Time magazine.

For a think tank this young, this is obviously a major endorsement and gives us some seriously strengthened credibility.

We’ve also been producing much more content ourselves for the PS21 website and others, principally through the PS21 MIDEAST and WORLD blog channels. We’ve also begun supplying some columns to of these, Philip Thicknesse’s piece on the New Long War With Russia has been the most popular, shared more than 1000 times on social media in its; first six hours. But the others – from myself, Jack Goldstone and Hayat Alvi – have also proved amongst the most popular on the main Reuters website. That’s not to imply that those simply on the PS21 site are in any way deficient, of course. They too are becoming more popular and it looks as though the number of hits on the website will have doubled every month since January.

Those of you looking at the events to come will also have noticed we are attracting excellent quality speakers. Not least is legendary Harvard geopolitics expert, Joseph Nye who will be appearing in DC on April 2. Sign up here.

We’ll be publishing further events shortly, including around the UK general election on May 7.

Once again, many thanks for all those who have helped us get this far. It’s proving quite a ride.


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