PS21: The First 100 Days

The first PS21 event in London in January – a discussion on cyber security

It may be hugely overshadowed by the UK election but I’m delighted to say that PS21 is exactly 100 days old today.

We’ve come a remarkably long way since we launched in London on January 28th with an event in London and another in Washington the following day. Depending on how you count, we’ve done fifteen or so events since then in both cities. We’ll shortly be announcing our first in New York. And work is underway on expanding further in several other cities and on at least one other continent.

Our inaugural piece of research – into global conflict death tolls published in March – won worldwide media coverage. We have plans to follow that up with some further interesting data later in the year. Watch this space…

We’ve published literally dozens of posts on the PS21 website, thanks both to some truly excellent contributors and some equally fantastic back room work by the assorted volunteer blog editors. We’ve had half a dozen columns published on as well as other media. In the next few months, we’ll begin to publish some seriously interesting longer form pieces on Amazon, building on the success of our first Kindle single last year. This is another seriously exciting opportunity as we position ourselves as one of the leading publishers of short form pieces on the changing century.

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, PS21 was nothing more than a single word document. Our first ever meeting of interested parties took place in late May 2014. Even in August, there wasn’t much more to us than me and company secretary Tom Beazley, a single intern and some curious/interested onlookers.

It’s all rather humbling, we couldn’t have done this without the truly excellent people who’ve agreed to join us as global fellows and even more importantly the network of largely very young volunteers based mainly in London and Washington. In particular, I’d highlight Elyse Warren, Carrie Cuno, Jinwoo Chong, Alexander Mattes, Anske Venter, Christopher Stephens and Connor Hennessy in DC. And in London, Claire Connellan, Zahra Hdidou, Emmanuel Akinwotu, Holly Mortimer, Lucy Moloney, Amitha Rajan, Helene Trehin and Thomas Hall. We have some great new people joining as well so I can only see this list getting longer from here. And also, of course, my various PAs in that time, Gabrielle Redelinghuys, Melanie Gomez, Anna Kovacs and Therese Persson.

We will also shortly be announcing our new expanded board.

And, of course, thanks to Thomson Reuters and Editor in Chief Stephen Adler in particular, for giving me a year’s paid sabbatical to see if this would work. I think it is.

Incidentally, throughout this entire period, I’ve irritatingly found myself not merely still paralysed, but also heavily stuck having to lie down horizontally for most of the day and week. So all in all, I guess this has been a remarkable testimony to what on semi-bed bound quadriplegic and a relative handful of inspired, committed volunteers can do.

I look forward to seeing what happens next.

All the best,


Please find below a list of all the postings on our website since our launch in January.

06/05/2015    Event Takeaways: The Middle East in Flux

06/05/2015    What now for Libya? – Patrick Bury

04/05/2015     I Don’t Know You, I Don’t Like You – The Rise of Anti-immigrant Movements in Europe – Sandy Schumann,

03/05/2015     What does this election tell us about modern Britain? – Peter Apps

April 2015

30/04/2015     DC and London UK Election Discussions: Key Takeaways and Media 

29/04/2015     What Russia really thinks on Ukraine –  Vassily Kashin

28/04/2015     A Migrant’s Short Story –  Emmanuel Akintwu

28/04/2015     Dangerous Crossing: Only seven EU patrol, two planes, one helicopter on watch for migrants in Mediterranean –  Peter Apps 

27/04/2015     Nigeria’s next challenge: its constitution –  Eric Mwiine-Magaju 

24/04/2015     PS21 Update: Week Ending 24 April

24/04/2015     Crime and Counterterrorism in Karachi: DC Event Key Takeaways

23/04/2015     High Spending Russia Closes Naval Gap with West – Philip Thicknesse

21/04/2015     A hashtag’s unintended consequences in Nigeria- Emmanuel Akinwotu

20/04/2015     Cyber Insurance – An Emerging Market – Tom Allen 

17/04/2015     PS21 Update – Week Ending 17 April

15/04/2015     DC event – A Conversation with Joseph Nye: Key Takeaways

13/04/2015     The rise of “National Innovation Foundations”- Frank Spring  

10/04/2015         University attack stark lessons for Kenya- Edward Wanyonyi  

09/04/2015         Organising in the 21st Century: Linda Tirado 

05/04/2015         The Islamic State in Libya – Alia Brahimi 

04/04/2015         DC Event: Crime and Counterterrorism in Karachi

04/04/2015         London Event: The UK Election – an outsider’s perspective

02/04/2015         The 21st Century Clash of Cultures- David Murrin 

01/04/2015         Deepnet: is the “bad web” good or evil? Michael Gillespie 

March 2015

30/03/2015         Turkey in the New Middle East – Enea Gjoza   

28/03/2015         Burying England’s last post-apocalyptic warlord – Peter Apps 

28/03/2015         Yemen heads down Syria’s path – Hayat Alv

27/03/2015         How Boko Haram changed Nigeria – Emmanuel Akinwotu 

26/03/2015         Assessing the New US National Security Strategy- Ali Wyne 

25/03/2015         PS21 at Two (Months) – Peter Apps 

23/03/2015         Breaking a decades-long trend, the world gets more violent

22/03/2015         The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Arab Spring – Lara Fatah

21/03/2015         Spike in Media Coverage of PS21 Study on Spike in Death Tolls

19/03/2015         Where the West went wrong in Libya – Joseph Walker-Cousins 

17/03/2015         PS21 Announces 10 New Global Fellows

17/03/2015         Death Toll in 2014’s Bloodiest Wars Sharply Up on Previous Year

17/03/2015         Conversation with Hussain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to US

16/03/2015         To Defeat ISIS, look to the Bolsheviks – Jack Goldstone 

13/03/2015         Anonymous vs. ISIS:  Ryan Hagemann 

11/03/2015         The New ‘Long War’ with Russia – Philip Thicknesse 

11/03/2015         Introducing PS21 World – Peter Apps 

08/03/2015         The Cultural outpouring fuelled by Syrian war – Miriam Cooke

07/03/2015         DC Event Arab Spring@4: What Next? Key Takeaways/ Media

06/03/2015         For young Syrians, war brings unexpected freedom – Rasha Elass 

04/03/2015         London Discussion on Mideast Social Media: Key takeaways

03/03/2015         After Arab Spring, Challenges for Islamic NGOs – Amjad Saleem 

01/03/2015         London Discussion: South Asia Geopolitics Afpak to Sri Lanka

01/03/2015         PS21 a Month In: Update from Executive Director Peter Apps

February 2015

27/02/2015         Iraq: The Unexpected Victim of the Arab Spring – John Drake 

26/02/2015         The Fight for Sexual Rights in Egypt – Dalia Abd El Hameed 

25/05/2015         Social Media in the Era of ISIS – Sultan al-Qassemi 

24/02/2015         The Arab Spring and the Limits of American Power – Ari Ratner 

24/02/2015         The Arab Spring@4: Introducing PS21 MIDEAST 

22/02/2015         London Discussion on Greece, Eurozone: Key Takeaways

12/02/2015         DC Revolutions Event: Key Takeaways/ Video

12/02/2015         PS21 Global Fellow Battles Ebola in Sierra Leone 

01/02/2015         DC Superpower Discussion: Key Takeaways/ Video

January 2015

30/01/2015         London Cyber Discussion: Key Takeaways

27/01/2015         PS21 Announces First 50 Global Fellows, International Advisors

26/01/2015         Peter Apps Joins PS21 as Executive Director

22/01/2015         Introducing PS21

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