PS21 Update: Week Ending 26 June

We hope it has been a great week for all. At PS21 this has involved an enjoyable drinks evening in London, thanks to all who came along. We’ve got some exciting new events lined up for July.
Our Upcoming Events:

July 6, Kidnap and Ransom. From Isis to Somali pirates, the last decade has seen an unprecedented level of interest in kidnap and ransom. PS21 brings together a uniquely qualified panel to look at the elite group of specialists who offer negotiation skills in this sphere and to consider what role governments should take when it comes to paying ransom to kidnappers.

The discussion will be moderated by PS21 executive director Peter Apps, the panel will include Nigel Inkster, former deputy-chief Secret Intelligence (MI6), Brittany Damora, Senior Operations Manager, Kidnap and Ransom, Aegis Response and Nigel Brennan, Photojournalist and author who was kidnapped in Somalia in 2008 and held hostage for 15 months.This event is currently fully booked – please email if you would like to go on a waiting list.

July 29, Beyond the SDSR. As Britain’s’ Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) gets underway, PS21 brings together a uniquely qualified panel to discuss the defence challenges facing the UK and how they might be addressed. How should the UK handle new challenges such as a resurgent Russia and the prospect of Scottish independence? What do British people really want? And regardless of the answer, is there any option other than doing less with less?

Chair: Peter Apps: Executive Director PS21. Speakers will include Patrick Bury, Former Captain British Army Royal Irish Regiment and PhD Candidate at the University of Exeter’s Strategy and Security Institute, Philip Thicknesse, Former head of Futures UK Defence Concepts and Doctrines Centre; Tom Bruxner, British Army officer, Defense Concepts and Doctrine Center, and Josh Arnold-Forster, Former Special Advisor to John Reid MP, Defence Secretary 2005-2006, now Strategic Advisor at Hanover. RSVP here.

Washington DC

July 14, Making it in DC and beyond. As the intern season in Washington reaches its height, PS21 will host a discussion on what it takes to make it in DC and foreign policy. The moderator will be Negar Razavi, social anthropologist and PS21 global fellow. Speakers will include Ali Wyne, member of the adjunct faculty, RAND Corporation and Kathryn Floyd, Professor of international relations, College of William & Mary. Additional panellists will be announced shortly. RSVP here. 

July 28,  Event with Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer. We are excited to invite you to join us for a conversation with Ian Bremmer, President of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group and leading geopolitical thinker. His latest book, “Superpower”, examines the potential routes forward for the United States in a new and uncertain era. The event will be moderated by Ali Wyne, PS21 Global Fellow and member of the adjunct staff at the RAND Corporation. To book your spot, RSVP here.

This week at PS21:

In the aftermath of the Charleston shooting, Donna Bryson discussed why the Confederate flag is a useful reminder that some causes deserve to be lost.

David Rubens explained why the western world should look to Lagos as a model for future megacities, in Chaos and Complexity: Lagos and lessons for megacity management 

Peter Apps, Executive Director of PS21, looked at how the war against ISIS might end. He also had an article published in CityMetric: the most and least wheelchair-accessible cities: a quadriplegic’s guide.

PS21 Reports:

June 2015

15/06/2015     It’s more thank just a click! – Sandy Schumann

14/06/2015     IS advances in Libya: Time for NATO again – Patrick Bury

11/06/2015     PS21 Announces Governing Board

09/06/2015     Iraq America’s best hope in the Middle EastPayam Ghalehdar

04/06/2015     Sisi’s foreign policy, restore Egypt as regional power – David Hartwell

03/06/2015     ‘New’ Terrorism  Dr. Chris Mackmurdo & Dr Alia Brahimi

01/06/2015     A South China Sea Air Defence Zone?Erik Lin-Greenberg

May 2015

27/05/2015     What next for Britain? – David Murrin

21/05/2015     London event takeaways: The UK election – what we’ve learned

19/05/2015     Italicum: Achieving governability and democracy – Giulia Pastorella

14/05/2015     African strategies key in addressing terrorism – Edward Wanyonyi

14/05/2015     Karachi: low-intensity attacks, risk to minorities – Omar Hamid

11/05/2015     SNP victories real seismic change in UK election – Peter Apps

08/05/2015     PS 21: The First 100 Days

06/05/2015     Event Takeaways: The Middle East in Flux

06/05/2015     What now for Libya?Patrick Bury

04/05/2015     Rise of Anti-Immigrant Movements in EuropeSandy Schumann

03/05/2015     What does this election tell us about modern Britain? – Peter Apps

April 2015

30/04/2015     DC and London UK Election Discussions: Key Takeaways 

29/04/2015     What Russia really thinks on Ukraine – Vassily Kashin

28/04/2015     A Migrant’s Short Story – Emmanuel Akinwotu

28/04/2015     Dangerous Crossing: migrants in Mediterranean – Peter Apps

27/04/2015     Nigeria’s next challenge: its constitution – Eric Mwiine-Magaju

24/04/2015     Crime and Counterterrorism in Karachi: DC Event Key Takeaways

23/04/2015     Russia Closes Naval Gap with West – Philip Thicknesse

21/04/2015     A hashtag’s consequences in Nigeria- Emmanuel Akinwotu

20/04/2015     Cyber Insurance – An Emerging Market – Tom Allen 

15/04/2015     DC Event – A Conversation with Joseph Nye: Key Takeaways

13/04/2015     The rise of “National Innovation Foundations”- Frank Spring 

10/04/2015     University attack stark lessons for Kenya- Edward Wanyonyi  

09/04/2015     Organising in the 21st Century: Linda Tirado 

05/04/2015     The Islamic State in Libya – Alia Brahimi 

02/04/2015     The 21st Century Clash of Cultures- David Murrin 

01/04/2015     Deepnet: is the “bad web” good or evil? Michael Gillespie 

March 2015

30/03/2015    Turkey in the New Middle East – Enea Gjoza   

28/03/2015    Burying England’s last post-apocalyptic warlord – Peter Apps 

28/03/2015    Yemen heads down Syria’s path – Hayat Alvi 

27/03/2015    How Boko Haram changed Nigeria – Emmanuel Akinwotu 

26/03/2015    Assessing the New US National Security Strategy- Ali Wyne 

25/03/2015    PS21 at Two (Months) – Peter Apps 

23/03/2015    Breaking a decades-long trend, the world gets more violent

22/03/2015    The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Arab Spring – Lara Fatah

21/03/2015    Spike in Media Coverage of PS21 Study on Spike in Death Tolls

19/03/2015    Where the West went wrong in Libya – Joseph Walker-Cousins 

17/03/2015     PS21 Announces 10 New Global Fellows

17/03/2015     Death Toll in 2014’s Bloodiest Wars Sharply Up on Previous Year

17/03/2015     Conversation with Hussain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to US

16/03/2015     To Defeat ISIS, look to the Bolsheviks – Jack Goldstone 

13/03/2015     Anonymous vs. ISIS:  Ryan Hagemann 

11/03/2015     The New ‘Long War’ with Russia – Philip Thicknesse 

08/03/2015     The Cultural outpouring fuelled by Syrian war – Miriam Cooke

06/03/2015     For young Syrians, war brings unexpected freedom – Rasha Elass 

04/03/2015     London Discussion on Mideast Social Media: Key takeaways

03/03/2015     After Arab Spring, Challenges for Islamic NGOs – Amjad Saleem 

01/03/2015     London Discussion: South Asia Geopolitics Afpak to Sri Lanka

01/03/2015     PS21 a Month In: Update from Executive Director Peter Apps

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