PS21 Update: Week Ending August 21


We had a successful  and lively event in DC on Wednesday evening looking at US-Israel relations after the Iran deal with Alexandria Paolozzi, Guy Ziv, Ari Ratner and Warren Strobel. A report will be published soon, and you can watch the discussion here if you were unable to attend.


Upcoming events:

Washington DC


 August 25: What Next for Iran after the Nuclear Deal? 
After last month’s Iran nuclear deal, what’s next for the Islamic Republic? Will the easing of sanctions bring it more into the diplomatic and international mainstream? Or will the new economic growth create a more assertive Iran that further antagonises the rest of the region? What will the domestic consequences be of Tehran’s new openness to the outside world? And what, if anything, will happen to the nuclear program?
Moderator: Negar Razavi 
Panel: Ariane Tabatabai, Kelsey Davenport, Reza Akbari and Sam Cutler


RSVP here

We have some exciting events planned for London from this September. Topics include the dark web, managing humanitarian emergencies, markets and geopolitics, Afghan reconstruction and outside views of British defense.
Watch this space. More events to be announced soon.
This week on the blog:


US Army veteran Asha Castleberry considered Why Congress Should Accept the Iran Deal, Jack Goldstone explained why an alliance with China may not be beneficial to Russia and David Hartwell looked at China’s Middle East Policy Problem. We also published a roundup of our Top 5 posts on American foreign policy.

Previous PS21 Reports:


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Other Articles


August 2015

12/08/2015     An industry fighting wars on two fronts – Milena Rodban

11/08/2015     PS21 Insight: Flaws in US-Turkey Plan to fight ISIS  

04/08/2015     “Women in the Infantry? Good God!” – Tom Bruxner


July 2015   

30/07/2015      Russia’s Middle East Image Problem – David Hartwell  

24/07/2015      Why rockstars need geopolitical risk consultants- Milena Rodban

23/07/2015      Where there’s no end in sight for the Yemen crisis – Amr Ismail

21/07/2015      Listen to an interview with a Syrian political prisoner – Rasha Elass

20/07/2015      What Washington is missing in the Iran deal – Negar Razavi

16/07/2015      PS21 Global Fellow wins US book prize

15/07/2015      A roadmap for the Middle East after Iran nuclear deal – Rasha Elass

14/07/2015      PS21 Insight: Iran deal implications go well beyond the nuclear

13/07/2015      PS21 Insight: Eurozone clinches deal, serious strains remain

09/07/2015      Civil wars of regionalisation: what we can learn from ISIL – David Murrin

08/07/2015      PS21 Insight: What the SCOTUS Jerusalem passport decision means

06/07/2015      A false start for Nigeria’s president?Emmanuel Akinwotu

05/07/2015      PS21 Insight: With Greek vote, euro reaches crunch point


June 2015

29/06/2015      Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy – The West’s View – Amitha Rajan

24/06/2015      The Confederate flag is a useful reminder – Donna Bryson

23/06/2015      Chaos and Complexity: megacity management – David Rubens

22/06/2015      How will the war against the Islamic State End? – Peter Apps

15/06/2015      Not just a click! Online activism not slacktivism – Sandy Schumann

15/06/2015      IS advances in Libya : NATO again?Patrick Bury

09/06/2015      Iraq is America’s best hope in the Middle EastPayam Ghalehdar

04/06/2015      Sisi’s foreign policy co – David Hartwell

03/06/2015      ‘New’ TerrorismDr. Chris Mackmurdo & Dr Alia Brahimi

01/06/2015      A South China Sea Air Defence Zone?Erik Lin-Greenberg

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