PS21 Update: Week Ending September 4

Panel discussion: "When markets meet geopolitics'. London, September 2
Panel discussion: “When markets meet geopolitics’. London, September 2
On Wednesday, PS21 held a discussion hosted by the UK Cabinet Office, looking at the intersection of markets and geopolitics. Richard Mably chaired the discussion with Emad Mostaque, Tina Fordham, Mike Dolan and Holger Schmieding. After the event, PS21 global fellow Gwenn Laine interviewed Emad Mostaque about the current market crisis. You can watch the video here.
Upcoming events:

September 10: Lessons from Recent Humanitarian Disasters

From the earthquake in Nepal to the battle against Ebola, what lessons should the humanitarian sector take from recent distasters? In a joint event with the European Interagency Security Forum, PS21 pulls together a panel with experience from major relief agencies to smaller NGOs to look at lessons learned.
Moderator: Tom Beazley, PS21 Company Secretary

David Sanderson, Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Dan Cooke, Operations Director, Serve On

Kate Gray, Senior Programme Manager, Options Consultancy

Barnaby Willitts-King, Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Institute

September 21: The Dark Web 

PS21 looks beyond the regular internet into the reaches of the ‘dark web’. What is in it, what are the risks, and is it ultimately a tool for good or evil?

Moderator: Metsa Rahimi, Regional head of intelligence, Deutsche Bank

John Bassett, former GCHQ official, now at Oxford University

Tim Hardy, technical writer, commentator and activist

Mike Gillespie, director of cyber research and strategy, The Security Institute

September 24: Transparency and Accountability in Afghanistan 

As the longest running and one of the most expensive wars in U.S. history winds down, just where did the money go? PS21 is delighted to present a discussion with the man looking into that very question, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John F. Sopko. After a successful PS21 event in DC this July, the Special Inspector General will be speaking in London at a PS21 event hosted by the UK Cabinet Office.

This week on the blog:

David Murrin looked at the geopolitical ramifications of the global commodity price drop. In a follow-up to her article on the two-front war facing the political risk analysis industry, Milena Rodban offered solutions on how to fight – and win – that war. We also published a roundup of our top 5 posts on technology and the future, with articles from Mike Gillespie, David Rubens, Tom Allen and Frank Spring, Stephen Ezell and Katarzyna Bitka.

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