PS21 Update: Week Ending October 2


After a very successful nine months in London and Washington DC, PS21 is expanding to a permanent presence in New York City. Join us – or feel free to invite any friends or contacts in New York – at a drinks reception and briefing on October 19 near Times Square.

PS21 is currently seeking volunteers and interns to help support events and research in London, Washington DC and New York. Interested? Email
Want to write for PS21? Email the same address and we’ll forward to the editor Carrie Cuno.


Upcoming events:


Washington DC 


October 8: Changing Battlefields, Technology, Business 

In the 21st century, battlefields, technology and business models are all in flux. How are changes in  one area affecting another? Can governments and large defence corporations keep up? And what innovative ways can be found to stay ahead of the curve? PS21 brings together an innovative panel to discuss these issues. The event will be on the record and livestreamed.


Ian Wallace (Moderator): former UK official. Senior fellow, New America


P.W. Singer: Senior Fellow,  New America. Author of Ghost Fleet, a novel imagining a Third World War between the US and China 


Alex Ward: Associate Director, Brett Scowcroft Center, Atlantic Council



New York

October 19: PS21 New York Introduction and Networking Drinks
After launching successfully earlier this year in London and Washington DC, PS21 is starting operations in New York. Join us to hear about the newest and most innovative addition to the think tank scene. Or just drink our wine and meet other interesting people.




This week at PS21

On Tuesday, PS21 hosted a joint event with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) in London looking at the UK Strategic Defence and Security Review. John Bassett, Gwenn Laine and Zachary Wolfraim joined the panel for an excellent discussion moderated by Tom Bruxner. On the same evening in Washington DC, Negar Razavi led a conversation with Rachel Hoff, Sarah Arkin, Rachel Rizzo and Elvina Nawaguna on what it takes to make it as a woman in DC.

We had some more great articles on the blog this week: Carrie Cuno discussed Egypt’s PR Problem, David Murrin wrote an article on polarisation and the rise of China and Edward Wanyonyi asked whether it was time for a foresight approach in the EU and Britain’s response to the immigration challenge.

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