PS21 Update: Week Ending October 9

Today being almost exactly 11 weeks till Christmas, we’ve got some really exciting stuff packed in before the end of the year. We’re launching PS21 New York before the end of this month and sneaking in a few more great events with some impressive panelists in London and Washington DC. See below for more detail on our upcoming events and what else happened at PS21 this week. 

PS21 is currently seeking volunteers and interns to help support events and research in London, Washington DC and New York. Interested? E-mail
Want to write for PS21? E-mail the same address and we’ll forward to the editor Carrie Cuno. 
 Our Upcoming Events:




October 21Energy, Commodities and Geopolitics


Only a handful of years ago, we thought oil at $100 a barrel might be with us for life. Now, with faltering Chinese demand and booming US production, it stands at less than half of that. Soft commodities and food have been on a similar roller coaster. With an expert panel, we look at where to go from here. Looking at the battle to influence markets between Washington, Moscow and Saudi Arabia, the outlook for demand, the future of renewable energy as well as fracking and asking difficult questions like what will happen to food prices and what effect that may have on more volatile or vulnerable regions of the world.


The event will be chaired by Richard Mably, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Editor for Reuters. Panelists will include John Kemp, senior market analyst for Reuters, Emily Stromquist, global energy and natural resources analyst for the Eurasia Group and David Murrin, PS21 Global Fellow, author of Breaking the Code of History and chairman at Spartent Global Solutions.


Join us at the Cabinet Office, 100 Parliament Street, SW1A 2BQ at 17:30.
To attend this event, RSVP HERE.



Washington DC 


To be announced soon… keep an eye out for future updates.


New York

October 19: PS21 New York Introduction and Networking Drinks
After launching successfully earlier this year in London and Washington DC, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century (PS21) is starting operations in New York. Join us to hear about the newest and most innovative addition to the think tank scene. Or just join us to drink our wine and meet other interesting people.

At PS21 this week:


We hosted an event in DC last night and published some great new pieces.


For the live recording of our event on battlefields, technology and business in DC last night, click here.  Moderated by Ian Wallace, panelists included P.W. Singerand Alex Ward. A transcript and key takeaways from this event will be made available shortly.


Pieces published include a piece by Jack Goldstone on The Migration PuzzlePeter Apps’s The war in Afghanistan has so far cost $33,000 per citizen. And will not end wellAsha Castleberry’s piece Russia bombs Syria – what next? and for more on the Middle East, take a look through Roundup: Our top five posts on the Middle East.


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