PS21 Update: Week Ending October 30


This week PS21 hosted two more excellent events in London and New York. To celebrate the launch of his book ‘Facing Facts: Is British Power Diminishing?’ Peter Foster was joined by Mike Harwood and Catherine Fieschi for a panel discussion moderated by Tom Bruxner. Peter’s book can be purchased from Amazon. In New York, PS21 Executive Director Peter Apps, moderated a discussion on the ISIS War, with Asha Castleberry, Nelly Lahoud and Ned Parker. You can watch a recording of that discussion here.


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 Our Upcoming Events:
From the SNP landslide to the rise of Jeremy Corbyn – and, of course, #piggate – 2015 has been a seismic and unexpectedly entertaining year in British politics. What could possibly come next? At the very least, the EU referendum should keep things interesting. The discussion will be chaired by Jennifer Brindisi, political consultant and London Executive Director of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. The panellists will include Jonn Elledge, editor of CityMetric and journalist at New Statesman, Robert Colvile, freelance writer and commentator and author of ‘The Great Acceleration’ (2016), Sophie Gaston, head of communications, Demos andGideon Skinner, head of political communications at Ipsos MORI
Join us at 2901 Landmark West Tower, 22 Marsh Wall, E14 9AL for drinks from18:00 with the discussion from 18:30.
Join PS21 and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) London for an evening of drinks and networking, with impressive views of the London skyline.


Join us at 2901 Landmark West Tower, 22 Marsh Wall, E14 9AL from 18:30.


Washington DC 


Discussing what the House of Cards and Games of Thrones can teach politics. Is there a difference between European and US portrayals of politics? How do power structures operate in Brussels and DC? Can we compare political struggles and dynamics? This EU Rendez-Vous will be everything but business as usual. A panel discussion will be moderated by Adam Kushner, Outlook editor, The Washington Post, and will feature the following panellists: James Barbour, spokesperson of the European Union Delegation to the U.S., Ari Ratner, CEO of Inside Revolution, PS21 governing board member and former State Department political appointee 2009-12 and Alyssa Rosenberg, culture columnist, The Washington Post. Follow us on Twitter at @EUintheUS and @PS21_central.

Join us at the EU Delegation to the U.S., 2175 K Street, Washington DC, 20037 (entrance on the 22nd Street)
This week on the blog:  


Robert Colvile assessed the latest changes to Twitter, and asked whether these improvements will actually ruin the site. We published a report on the Dark Web, based on a London discussion with Tim Hardy, Mike Gillespie, John Bassett andMetsa Rahimi as well as a roundup of our top five posts on the migration crisis, with articles from Edward Wanyonyi, Jack Goldstone, Katie Rashid, Cecilia Diemont and Sandy Schumann.


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Other Articles
October 2015 

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