PS21 update: week ending Nov 27


Hi all,

Another great week for PS21. We held a wide-ranging discussion with the UK Cabinet Office in London on Narrative and Conflict. A fascinating topic and a truly great panel: former British Director Special Forces Lt-Gen Sir Graeme Lamb, former GCHQ official John Bassett, and Middle East Specialist Alia Brahimi. We were also joined by legendary BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner. While the discussion itself was off the record, I will be pulling together my thoughts from it for next week and look forward to sharing them.


We have no further events scheduled for December. We are currently pulling together our schedule for 2016, however, I look forward to sharing what looks to be an even more wide-ranging series of discussions on both sides of the Atlantic. We also have an exciting range of new writing projects on the website and elsewhere which we will be revealing in the next few weeks.


Once again, many thanks to all of you for being part of our journey so far. If you want to get more involved – as a volunteer, writing for the website or in any other way – we are always delighted to hear from you at


What else we got up to at PS21 this week:

Jack Goldstone  published his piece, In Strategy on ISIS, a failure of vision, Lara Fatah wrote a piece looking at The curious rebirth of Zoroastrianism in Iraqi Kurdistan and Asha Castleberry wrote a piece about how In Kurdistan, Islamic State is already losing.

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All the best,
The Team at PS21

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