PS21 Update: week ending Dec 11


Hi all,

The year is quickly coming to an end, Friday being exactly two weeks to go to Christmas. With that and holiday festivities now in full force it’s been a quieter week here at PS21, but we’ve still published some great pieces.

Jack Goldstone wrote a piece on Syria, Yemen, Libya – one factor unites these failed states, and it isn’t religion . Kate West Moran looked at Why America Should Take Mideast Refugees and Peter Apps tells us what the West should have learned from its ‘long war on terror’.


We will return in the new year with an exciting series of events in London, New York and Washington DC.


Previous PS21 Reports:
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21/09/2015   Managing tensions in Asia

17/09/2015   A Conversation with Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer

09/09/2015   Beyond the SDSR

28/08/2015   Making it in DC and beyond

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28/07/2015   Social Media and Politics

27/07/2015   Rebuilding Afghanistan – America’s Longest War

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Other Articles

December 2015

10/12/2015      The West should have learned from ‘war on terror’ – Peter Apps

08/12/2015      Syria, Yemen, Libya -what unites these failed states – Jack Goldstone

07/12/2015      Why America Should Take Mideast Refugees – Kate West Moran

02/12/2015      ‘Womenomics’ in Japan – Sally Herd

01/12/2015      The forgotten women and children of Iraq – Caitlin Vito


November 2015

30/11/2015      Australia: sending refugees to Kyrgystan? – Cecilia Diemont

27/11/2015      In Kurdistan, Islamic State is already losing – Asha Castleberry

26/11/2015      The curious rebirth of Zoroastrianism in Iraqi Kurdistan – Lara Fatah

23/11/2015      In Strategy on ISIS, a failure of vision – Jack Goldstone

17/11/2015      Paris attacks: the West’s fatal misunderstanding of IS – Rasha Elass

16/11/2015      After Paris, Islamic State war enters deadly new stage – Peter Apps

16/11/2015      The US’s no-strategy strategy in Syria – Kate West Moran

12/11/2015      PS21 Survey: Experts see increased risk of nuclear war

11/11/2015      The male literacy deficit – Elyse Warren

06/11/2015      PS21 releases book on UK power by Daily Telegraph’s Peter Foster

04/11/2015      A ‘Culture of Migration’- Caitlin Vito

02/11/2015      Washington Think Tanks and Gender Imbalance – Negar Ravazi


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