PS21 update week ending Jan 8

The launch of the PS21 War Risk Survey, Whitehall, November 11, 2015 (Ana Kovacs)

Hi all,

A happy new year from PS21 from the middle of the storm-tossed Atlantic [I’m currently en route to the United States aboard the liner Queen Mary 2, hence the slight delay in sending out of what should have been Friday’s weekly e-mail.

We’ve had a really great start to the year with a fantastic discussion in Whitehall last week on risks to watch in 2016. We’re just spinning up for other events in London and other cities — you can see my overview strategy for the year here.

Also worth checking out the new PS21 promotional video produced by global fellow Gwenn Laine.

Last week, we launched an exciting new series of website articles for 2016 — our Imagining 2030 series in which contributors imagine what an area of life and their expertise will look like in 14 years time. 2030 is now surprisingly close — and while I’m sure our projections will be off, it’s a great and challenging way of looking forward.

In my first piece, I take a shot at projecting what Heathrow airport might look like in 2030. PS21 global fellow and CCTV journalist Martina Fuchs, meanwhile, imagines what the 2030 Chinese media scene.

Other pieces this week include PS21 global fellow David Murrin on tensions in the South China Sea and Alex Zerdan on the terror finance risks caused by new technology.



November 27, 2016 — London networking drinks

Central London location to be confirmed, 6:30 PM

Sign up here


Events to follow shortly


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