PS21 update week ending Jan 29


This week marks PS21’s true first year anniversary. It’s exactly a year since our first events in London and Washington DC. Many thanks to all of you who helped us reach this milestone.

While New York and Washington seem to have recovered from blizzard Jonah and the UK gets hit by storm Gertrude, January draws comes to an end, marking a rocky start to the year. And not just on the weather front…

Following our first networking drinks in London on Friday we have some more great events lined up for February in New York, London and Washington. If you would like to join our team, e-mail for further details.

What else we’ve been up to this week

T.S. Allen looks at The Islamic State versus the European Union and as the migrant crisis in Europe intensifies, Peter Apps highlights The Tragedy of Europe: location, location, location.

Upcoming  events


Monday, February 8 — Polling the Presidential Election

As the US primary season hots up, PS21 looks ahead to what we we know about the final contest itself. Panelists to include Clifford Young from Ipsos Mori. PS21 executive director Peter Apps to moderate. This event will start at 6 PM and take place in the Thomson Reuters offices at 3 Times Square, 10036. Sign-up here


Monday, February 15– Front-line civilians — challenges, opportunities and threats

A discussion examining the experiences, challenges and roles of front-line expatriate civilian staff — from military contractors to aid workers, journal in modern conflicts.  — who find themselves increasingly on the frontline involved in conflicts. Panelists will include U.S. Army War College anthropologist Darya Pilram, humanitarian security specialist Sheelagh Brady, acting director of the International News Safety Institute Anna Bevan and former British Army officer and defence attache to Yemen Iain Smailes. The discussion will be moderated by PS21 company secretary Tom Beazley.

This event will take place at the Christian Aid office in Waterloo. Sign up here

Also: save the date for the following.

Monday, February 22 — Predicting the US Election

In conjunction with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, PS21 looks ahead to this year’s presidential election. Panelists to include US-based pollster Julia Clark from Ipsos Mori as well as Andrew Moran, US politics expert from London Metropolitan University. Further details to follow.


Washington DC events will resume in February. Want to be involved? Email

Check out the new PS21 promotional video here

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