Showcasing PS21’s “Imagining 2030” Series


At the start of the year, the Project for the Study of the 21st Century [PS21] began its creative writing series “Imagining 2030”. These pieces explore various potential worlds and fields as they might exist 14 years in the future. They are written by PS21 Global Fellows and other experts and aim to give PS21 another tool for exploring the major trends of an increasingly fascinating era.

Reading the pieces so far has been a really fascinating experience. All are very creative and we hope they will inspire both more examples, as well as new thinking about the future. Some are optimistic, some rather dystopian. Needless to say, we are very grateful to all the writers so far — as well as PS21 editor Tatianna Duran for pulling all of this together.

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A reminder that you can check out our latest and upcoming events here, including some great discussions in New York City and London. More in Washington DC to follow shortly.

Below are the pieces published so far

US Elections and Technology– “Thanks for What You Do”

PS21 Global Fellow and US Democratic political strategist Frank Spring imagines the future of political campaigning in a world where data on political views and personal product tastes can lead to some uncomfortably well-focused political advertising and outreach.

Social Media and Violence — New Forms of Protest

As “Occupy — The Musical” opens in London’s West End, a rising wealth gap and new forms of technology are producing new forms of unrest, policing and social control. Tim Hardy, activist and PS21 Global Fellow, sketches out what might happen next.

A New Botany Bay? Deportation and Terror

As Europe struggles to manage a wave of new militant attacks, former Royal Navy Commodore and PS21 International Advisor Philip Thicknesse imagines Britain taking some disconcerting steps.

Shifting Power Structures, Changing Geopolitics

An isolationist US, a collapsing European Union? US Naval war College professor and PS21 International Advisor Nikolas Gvosdev imagines the geopolitics of 2030.

Changing Social Media in China

CCTV journalist and PS21 Global Fellow Martina Fuchs sketches out the future media scene in smog-bound China that has now supplanted the United States as the world’s largest economy.

Imagining 2030 — A Walk through Heathrow

In the first of PS21’s “Imagining 2030” series, executive director Peter Apps imagines a walk through London’s preeminent airport in the not so distant future.



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