PS21 update week ending June 17

A difficult and depressing week in politics on both sides of the Atlantic, with the Orlando shooting last Sunday and then Thursdays shocking news of the death of British MP Jo Cox. in both countries, politics seems as polarized as at any point in recent history. Exactly how that happened and what might be done about it is something PS21 will definitely be looking at in the weeks and months to come.

For those with an interest in more of my Brexit/murder musings, here is my most recent Reuters column [you can find my Orlando thoughts here].

On a more practical side, however, we had a really good week with a great discussion at King’s College London on Tuesday on the changing nature of intelligence. Thanks to former GCHQ official John Bassett, open source intelligence specialist Christiaan Triebert and most particularly French naval reservist Gwenne Laine for stepping into the last minute as a panelist.

As many of you know, we will be holding a Brexit [or not] night event this Thursday. Hope to see many of you there. We also have some great events coming up in DC, details to follow.



Brexit night [or not]

Thursday, June 23, 2016. Bankside, 7 p.m. until late [or possibly early]

Join PS21 and friends for what may or may not prove to be a defining moment in modern British history. Whichever way the vote goes, there will be drinks, good company and a historic day and potentially uncertain night.

7 p.m. – doors open [followed by drinks, conversation and the chance to bet on the eventual outcome. Those who have not already voted will be politely encouraged to do so – for whichever side]

10 p.m. – Polls close. Frantic speculation.

Midnight – Last tube. Those who wish are welcome to stay and watch the further results come in, however. Final results expected 3-5 a.m. for the particularly hardy.

There will be a survivors breakfast/foraging for food supplies the following morning.

sign up here


further events to follow


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