PS21 update week ending July 15

Great PS21 discussion on Tuesday this week on the world after the referendum. Since then, of course, we’ve had both a new Prime Minister and, slightly more controversially, a new Foreign Secretary. It will be fascinating to see where things go from here.

Three columns of mine on in the last 10 days also looking at the rapidly changing world. The first looks at the rise of May and ponders how, if Hillary Clinton also wins in November, three of the world’s largest six economies will likely be led by women by the middle of January next year. But these are, of course, interesting times – the other two pieces look at the rising risk of conflict firstly in Europe and then also in Southeast Asia.

These are, as we say, interesting times. On the PS 21 website, meanwhile, William Farmer ponders the growing relationship between India and Africa.

All best and as always, many thanks for being part of this fascinating journey.

Peter Apps

Global affairs columnist, Reuters

Executive director, PS21




We regret that the discussion on NATO/the defense of Europe scheduled for Thursday, July 21 has been postponed. We will let you know a new date in due course.


PS21 Summer Networking Drinks

Wednesday, July 27, six p.m. Neo Bankside, Southwark, SE1

As Britain reaches the end [hopefully?] of a fascinating and seismic political season, join PS21 for drinks and conversation as we ponder what on earth the rest of the year might have in store.

You can sign up here.


Russia and Europe

Tuesday, July 19, three p.m. Thomson Reuters, 1333, H Street Northwest, Washington DC

PS21 global fellow Ali Wyne talks to Fiona Hill, former US National Intelligence Officer for Russia and now head of the Europe program at the Brookings Institution. Where will Europe go in the aftermath of the UK referendum, what is motivating Vladimir Putin and how can the US influence events in a continent that has previously given the world some of the worst conflicts in human history.

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