PS21 update week ending August 19

Another truly excellent PS21 discussion last week on the changing counterterrorism picture. Many thanks to all those attending – particularly our panelists, of course – as well as to the UK Cabinet Office for hosting. I believe some of the hardier attendees were still continuing the discussion in a restaurant in Soho in the early hours of the morning…

A really fantastic discussion last week on the changing militant threat – many thanks to all those who came, particularly our excellent panelists, and of course to the UK Cabinet Office for hosting.

Another event definitely not worth missing will follow next week – this time looking back on a turbulent year, ahead to the next four months and beyond. Sign up quickly as as always, I’m sure tickets will go quickly.

A couple of pieces by me on in the last week. The first looks at Russia’s game plan in Ukraine and the second looks at how the Syria conflict has increasingly become a proxy battle of ideas – or perhaps more accurately, worldviews – between Moscow and Washington.

Once again, many thanks to all of you for being part of the PS21 journey. We have some really interesting stuff coming up in the months to come, not just in the UK but also North America.

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2016 – What Could Happen Next?

Wednesday, August 31, 530 p.m. Whitehall – exact location to be confirmed to attendees

The Brexit Referendum. Attacks in Brussels, Nice, and Orlando, just to name a few. North Korean nuclear and missile tests. Saber rattling with Russia and China. And, of course, the fascinating circus that is the US presidential election.

8 months in, 2016 has already seen enough drama to fill many normal years. But where does the world go from here? Financial Times Global Affairs Columnist Gideon Rachman talks through the options with PS21 Executive Director and Reuters Global Affairs Columnist Peter Apps.

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