PS21 update weekending August 26

Greetings all,

The summer is drawing to a close, and will greatly looking forward to this evening’s discussion in Whitehall with Financial Times global affairs columnistGideon Rachman [sadly sold out].

Can we have some really great events planned for the autumn, starting with a fascinating discussion only Baltic States next Thursday at King’s College London. For the first time, with pushing beyond the standard panel discussion and will be confronting our expert panel with some real world scenarios for potential – and often inadvertent – escalation in tensions between NATO and Russia.

It’s a template we hope we can use for what should be some really interesting, thought-provoking discussions – we had a first try using this format behind closed doors a couple of weeks ago examining what might happen in the event of a major cyber attack on London, and I have to say it worked very well. Now we are adding an audience, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

As you’ll see from below, this is a precursor to a major series of scenario discussions and exercises we will be running next year that I look forward to introducing you to shortly.

For those who prefer more conventional articles and formats, however, my Reuters: this week looks at whether Europe might actually be overreacting to the current terror threat.

Peter Apps

Executive Director


Baltic states conflict scenario discussion

Thursday, September 8, six p.m. King’s College London

As part of a new series of scenario-based events, PS21 looks at risks of escalation between NATO and Russia in the Baltic states. Also a chance to hear about PS21’s major international crisis scenario, GLOBAL TURMOIL, which will be running in 2017. Featuring:

Peter Apps (Moderator) – Managing Director of PS21 and Global Affairs Columnist, Thomson Reuters

Dr. Zachary Wolfraim – PhD King’s College London, former consultant, NATO Headquarters

Dr. Allan Sikk – Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies

Erik Lin-Greenberg – Former US Air Force Intelligence Adviser (Current Reservist), PhD Candidate Columbia University

Peter Roberts – Senior Research Fellow in Sea Power and Maritime Studies, RUSI

Brigadier Ben Barry – Senior Fellow for Land Warfare, IISS

Limited tickets available. Sign up here

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