PS21 update weekending September 9

Many thanks to British Army Headquarters in Andover for hosting a truly excellent PS21 discussion last night – unfortunately only open to serving personnel – on the changing nature of conflict. A really great panel – including PS21 global fellow Erik Lin Greenburg and former UK Director Special Forces Lt-Gen Graeme Lamb.

The discussion was off the record but very thought-provoking on questions such as whether the West is truly in a state of peace, war or somewhere in the middle. Those are issues will continue to probe, not least in our Baltic scenario discussion on Thursday evening [a handful of places now available, see below for details]

We also have a really great event on Wednesday, September 14 to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11. Look forward to seeing those of you in London there…



Scenario discussion – confrontation in the Baltic

Thursday, September eight, six p.m., King’s College London.

This event was sold out but we now have a handful of places room left. Sign up here

Looking Back at 911 Fifteen Years On

Wednesday, September 14, 2016, six p.m. King’s College London, Strand

Fifteen years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, PS21 looks back.  What was done right, what was done wrong and how might the 21st century have been different if the twin towers had never fallen.

Richard Barrett – former senior British counterterrorism official and ex-head of the UN Al Qaeda/Taleban monitoring team

Timothy Hoyt – Professor, US Naval War College

Haras Rafiq – CEO, Quillam Foundation

This event is being held jointly with the Sir Michael Howard Centre for Military History at King’s College London as part of a series of events with PS21 looking at the management of strategic shocks.

Sign up here

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