PS21 update week ending Oct 21

A great discussion last night in Whitehall on Russia in the world with the excellent IHS country analyst Alex Kokcharov. Nothing quite like discussing the risk of great power tensions and conflict in the very room from which Winston Churchill announced the end of the second world war in Europe.

Delighted to announce we have what I’m sure should be a similarly excellent discussion next week in New York, kindly hosted by Thomson Reuters. Please find details below.

We have a couple of weeks off from events in the UK but as you’ll see from below, we have some really great stuff planned for November in various locations. Look forward to seeing some of you there.

All best,

Peter Apps@PS21

For those interested in the unfolding battle for Mosul, here’s my piece on the subject from last week for Reuters.



America in the world after the election

Wednesday, October 26, seven p.m. Millennium Room, Thomson Reuters, Times Square

As we near the end of perhaps the most contentious presidential election in recent history and the end of a turbulent year for international security and diplomacy, PS21 pulls together a panel of international affairs experts and journalists to discuss the security challenges the next president will face on the world stage. What crises might loom on the horizon in 2017? How should the next president prioritize global security concerns and assess threats to US interests? How will the US find its footing again after the dislocations, reversals and upheavals of 2016?

Arlene Getz (moderator) – Editor In Charge, Reuters Digital

Charley Cooper – Managing Director, R3; Former Special Advisor to Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz

Asha Castleberry – PS21 Global Fellow; Fellow Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Fordham University; Army Veteran

Mohamad Bazzi – Associate Professor of Journalism, New York University; Former Middle East Bureau Chief, Newsday

Sign up here 



We will open booking to these events next week, but in the meantime save the following dates

Wednesday, November 2 – Looking back on 15 years of war in Afghanistan

Tuesday, November 6 – US election drinks reception

Monday, November 14 – 21st century peacebuilding from Northern Ireland to Syria

Further details on speakers, venues and ttimings to follow

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