PS21 new year update and upcoming events

Dear all,

Hope you had a good Christmas and new year break – even if the news cycle appears to keep determinedly churning out interesting new events right up until the end of the year. From the deaths of a remarkable number of celebrities to the electoral shots of Trump Brexit and beyond, 2016 was unquestionably a year to remember.

Here’s my Reuters column from just before Christmas looking back on the year and heads to 2017. Within a couple of days of that moving, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appeared to be staring things up still further with the beginnings of a new arms race – so here is a piece on that as well.

Nuclear nonproliferation and associated risks is going to be one of the issues we look at it events both sides of the Atlantic later this year. But we also have a wide range of other discussions in the pipeline, and I’m looking forward greatly to introducing them to you in due course.

For now, however, he is an invitation to our first London event next week – looking forward to the year ahead and beyond that to some of the growing new challenges the decade and the century is producing. It should be a really great event, and look forward to seeing you there

all best,

Peter Apps

Global affairs columnist, Reuters

Executive Director, PS21



Challenges and trends in 2017 and beyond

Whitehall, London [exact location to be confirmed to attendees]. Thursday, January 12, 2016, 630 p.m.

Trump takes the White House. Brexit moves towards reality. The year 2017 is already shaping up to be a potentially fascinating – and perhaps deeply unstable – one. PS21 and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy pull together a top-flight panel to discuss the risks, trends and events to watch in the coming year and beyond.

Antony Underwood [moderator] – Executive Director, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Peter Apps – Reuters Global Affairs Columnist. Executive Director, PS21

John Bassett – Former GCHQ official. Board member, PS21

Henry Wilkinson – Head of Intelligence and Analysis, Risk Advisory Group

Jonathan Wood – Global Trends Analyst, Control Risks

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