PS21 update – A Month of Trump




Greetings all,

Hard to believe, but we are still slightly less than a month into the presidency of Donald Trump. This weekend, the launch of a North Korean ballistic missile provided the new administration with what looks set to be perhaps its first – and maybe even one of its most defining – national security crises. You can read my column this week for Reuters on the subject here – but I’m sure this is a topic that will give us much more mileage for discussions and other interesting thinking in the days, weeks and months to come.

Many thanks to those of you who made it to our second anniversary drinks in London last week. A really good gathering, really good crowd and I’m delighted to say we have a very exciting collection of events coming up. Links to some of the next below, not just in London but also our first event of 2017 in Washington DC – what should be a fascinating discussion on what popular culture tells us about the age of Trump.

Not a PS21 event, but I’m due to moderate the relaunch of the UK Labour Party Friends of the Forces Group at the end of the month in London. Look forward to seeing any of those of you who are interested there…


All best,


Peter Apps


Humanitarianism and Human Rights After Aleppo

Wednesday, February 22,  530 p.m.. Whitehall, London – exact location to be confirmed to attendees

Former United Nations Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Sir John Holmes discusses the future of humanitarianism and human rights after Aleppo with Reuters global affairs columnist Peter Apps. The latest in a series of joint events held with the Project for Study of the 21st Century (PS21). We will be heading across the road to the Red Lion public house in Whitehall immediately afterwards.

Sign up here

HMG attendees [including military]  should email



Relaunch of UK Labour Party Friends of the Forces

Monday, February 27, 6 p.m. Portcullis House, Westminster

Peter Apps [moderator] – Executive director, PS21. Global affairs columnist, Reuters. British Army Reservist

Toby Perkins MP – Chair, Labour Party Friends of the Forces

Nia Griffith MP – Shadow Defence Secretary

Lt Gen Sir Graeme Lamb – Former Director Special Forces and Commander Field Army

Email here to register



Popular Culture in the Age of Trump

Tuesday, February 28, 530 p.m. Thomson Reuters, 1333 H Street Northwest, Washington DC

The Trump administration has already made its mark on Washington DC, American domestic politics, and America’s foreign policy abroad. In the wake of policies that have starkly divided popular opinions, some icons of pop culture, like Saturday Night Live, are quickly becoming the most vocal elements of President Trump’s opposition. Popular culture is always a reflection of reality, whether it’s meant to reflect it, shape it, or react to it. What does pop culture tell us about past administrations? How will it evolve as the Trump years unfold? How will Donald Trump, an icon of pop culture himself, adapt to the realities of governing? Join us for a panel discussion about what popular culture tells us about what we can expect, and what role popular culture will play, as the Trump presidency continues.


Alyssa Rosenberg writes about popular culture for The Washington Post’s Opinions section. Prieviously, she was the culture editor at ThinkProgress and a correspondent for The, among other positions. Though originally from Massachusetts, Alyssa received her B.A. in humanities from Yale University. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, The New Republic, Salon, and many other notable publications.

Maxim Leyzerovich is the Senior Experience Designer at nclud, a digital creative agency in DC. He focuses on design and concepting for clients that range from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Using his background in political science and programming, he is also an internet artist, whose recent work centers on surveillance, deception, and generative art.


Milena Rodban is a Global Fellow with PS21. She works as a geopolitical risk consultant and simulation designer, creating immersive experiences for clients in the technology, media, and higher education sectors that are navigating complex business and security environments. Milena is currently finishing a book on her ideas for improving the political risk industry. She completed her graduate studies at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Sign up herre

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