PS21 releases book on UK power by Daily Telegraph journalist Peter Foster



Facing Facts – Is Britain’s Power Diminishing? Frank New Book Exposes Britain’s Dwindling Global Power, Influence and Image

Having spent over a decade reporting overseas for the Daily Telegraph, Peter Foster has watched the UK’s clout being steadily challenged by a changing world – its influence and power forced down the “pecking order” of world affairs. In ‘Facing Facts – Is Britain’s Power Diminishing?’, Foster presents a series of compelling encounters and case studies that ask Brits to decide what they really want their country to be. With the EU referendum due to take place in 2016, it’s a book everyone from average Joes to top-level policy makers can’t pass up on.

Buy it here.


Peter Foster


Telephone:  +44 7920 266 532

Twitter: @pmdfoster

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