April 13 – Gaps in Cyber Policy – now with podcast recording

King’s College London – Thursday 13th April 6.30p.m – 8p.m

As innovation increases, the policy ought to follow it but is that currently the case? Where are the areas that the government’s understanding of threats is lacking? As both a national and personal concern, these details need to be fleshed out so that nations do not fall behind.

Speakers – 

Pia Hüsch is a Research Analyst in cyber, technology and national security. Prior to joining RUSI, Pia conducted her doctoral research on the lawfulness of low-intensity offensive cyber operations in international law, particularly under the principles of sovereignty and non-intervention. 

Isabella Wilkinson is a research associate in the International Security programme at Chatham House and part of the editorial team for the Journal of Cyber Policy. Isabella specializes in cyber policy and how societies can build resilience to cyber threats.

Theodora Ogden is an analyst working in the area of defence, security and infrastructure at RAND Europe. Theodora holds a MSc in crisis & security management from Leiden University and a LLM. in human rights law from Birkbeck College, University of London. She is also the 2022 Fellow at the Interplanetary Initiative at Arizona State University

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